Annie Sullivan Speaks

Wednesday June 18, 2014: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Veteran educator, award-winning actress, and motivational speaker Collette Cullen will ventriloquize Helen Keller’s teacher, Anne (Annie) Sullivan Macy, to present a historical and philosophical overview of America’s most famous teacher/student duo. Annie’s methods teaching Helen Keller to communicate is showcased as a metaphor for today’s educators to consider teaching as the building of relationships rather than the imparting of skills that can be measured quantitatively, particularly when teaching reading and writing. Beginning with the story of Annie’s impoverished early life, including how Annie overcame her own disenfranchisement during her days in an asylum, “Annie” promotes a student-based pedagogy that promotes excellence and heart, and which nurtures children’s inner lives.


I've always loved the

I've always loved the inspirational story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

love it, amazing!

I love Helen Keller's story!

sounds intriguing

count me in!

age group for this talk?

Is the Collette Cullen event geared toward adults? Or if kids, which ages - teens? Please advise - thanks!

All Ages Event

Hi, thanks for asking. This event is geared toward people of all ages, everyone is welcome!