Meet Up & Eat Up!

Over 14% of the population in Washtenaw County are considered food insecure. During the school year, kids on the Federal Lunch program have, thankfully, a couple of meals built into their day. In the summer months, children can still rely on a considerable number of Summer Food Service Programs so that no one goes hungry. These programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and sponsored by Food Gatherers. Spread the word to ensure all of Washtenaw County's children are adequately fed this summer!


This is excellent information. It's sad that such a large percentage are food insecure, but really great to know that there are supportive services available for the summer months.

I went to the USDA once

Great idea so we don't waste so much and can feed hungry folk.


Thank you Food Gatherers.

Food Gatherers has made such a huge impact in our community.