The WLBPD@AADL strives to educate the community about the National Library Service’s Talking Books services and identify eligible patrons. Our Outreach & Neighborhood Services staff are available to: give presentations and demonstrations; attend meetings and support groups; host booths at expos and information fairs; and visit local libraries, schools, and institutions. If you or your organization are interested in having a staff member schedule a visit, or if your group would like to visit the WLBPD@AADL for an informational session and a tour, please call (734) 327-8327, or email bookit@aadl.org.

Demonstration Sites

Washtenaw County libraries help raise public awareness of the WLBPD@AADL by acting as demonstration sites. By providing demonstrations of WLBPD equipment and materials, demonstration sites make the WLBPD’s services known to Washtenaw County residents who otherwise might not have been aware of them. While demonstration sites do not circulate materials, they do have machines and materials on-site to show what's available through the WLBPD. Demonstration sites also have applications available upon request.

The following libraries in Washtenaw County serve as WLBPD demonstration sites: Chelsea District Library, Dexter Public Library, Manchester District Library, Milan Public Library, Northfield Township Area Library, Salem-South Lyon District Library, Saline District Library, and Ypsilanti District Library.

Institutional Accounts

Institutions and agencies whose clientele may include those who are blind, low vision, or physically disabled are eligible for a WLBPD institutional account. An institutional account allows an agency to check out materials and keep equipment for demonstrations and group activities, or to loan to clients who do not want or may not be able to manage their own WLBPD account.

WLBPD@AADL Promotional Materials

If your group or organization is interested in receiving any of our promotional materials, please call (734) 327-4224 or email wlbpd@aadl.org.

WLBPD@AADL Poster (horizontal)
WLBPD@AADL Poster (vertical)
These customizable posters contain information about our services, a full-color image, and information on how to contact WLBPD@AADL. They can be produced either vertically or horizontally in a number of different sizes. Available to anybody wanting to promote WLBPD@AADL services.

WLBPD@AADL Large Print Book Label
These 4” x 6” black and white large print stickers come in rolls of 250 and are intended to be placed on the inside cover of large print books to help promote WLBPD@AADL services. Available to all libraries and institutions wanting to promote WLBPD@AADL services.

These 4” x 9” black and white large print bookmarks contain WLBPD@AADL contact information. Available to anybody wanting to promote WLBPD@AADL services.

WLBPD Magnet
These 5 ¾” x 4 ¼” black and white large print magnets contain WLBPD@AADL contact information. Available to anybody wanting to promote WLBPD@AADL services.

WLBPD@AADL Services Flyer
These 8 ½” x 11” black and white double-sided large print flyers provide an overview of WLBPD@AADL services. Available to anybody wanting to promote WLBPD@AADL services.

Outreach Best Practices

WLBPD@AADL's outreach efforts recognized as "Best Practices" from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

Best Practices from the Network: Spreading the Word about NLS, August 1, 2012
Best Practices from the Network: Spreading the Word about NLS, December 27, 2012


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Career Development Workshop


Worried your disability may hurt your chances of getting a job? Wonder whether you should disclose your disability? Need work experience that will make a difference? Learn about opportunities in Michigan's AmeriCorps and other Michigan corporations at a career development workshop presented by Henry Ford Community College and UM-Dearborn in partnership with DiverseAbility LLC and Michigan's AmeriCorps. The workshop is on Tuesday, November 3 from 10am to noon at the Henry Ford Community College ASCC Building Rosenau Rooms A, B, and C at 5101 Evergreen, Dearborn, MI 48126. Register today, and feel free to request any accommodations that you might need by calling Brenda Buchanan at 313-845-9617.

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