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The following materials are available for use for free by WLBPD patrons from the NLS. Contact WLBPD directly at (734) 327-4224, or wlbpd@aadl.org to request any of the following materials:

  • Books in Digital Format: Talking book cartridges (referred to as digital books or DBs) are about the size of a cassette and are beveled on one end so they fit into the digital machine only one way. One cartridge holds an entire book with no need to turn it over or flip switches. The standard Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM), as well as the advanced machine, is roughly 6x9x2 inches and weighs slightly more than 2 pounds.

    Check-out Period for Digital Books: 60 days. No fines are assessed for overdue Digital Books.

    To search for available titles, check out the NLS catalog.

    The NLS catalog's most recent book titles can be viewed in Talking Book Topics. Registered WLBPD patrons automatically receive this publication in the mail every other month. Talking Book Topics is currently available in large print format, on digital cartridge, and also for download from the NLS BARD website.

    WLBPD staff can select books for you based on your favorite reading categories. If you would like to change your reading category selections or add new ones, go to the full list of WLBPD reading interest categories and contact WLBPD.

  • BARD: Library patrons eager to read digital books not yet available on digital cartridge, or those who do not have an NLS-provided Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM) but have their own NLS-compatible commercial book player, are encouraged to download books from BARD (the Braille and Audio Reading Download). There you will find tens of thousands of digital books to choose from and dozens of magazines too.

    In order to download books from BARD you must first apply for a login and password. Only patrons actively registered for service through WLBPD, or through another library within the National Library Service network, are eligible to download from BARD.

    Downloading from BARD requires a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, a USB drive, and an NLS issued or NLS-compatible digital talking book machine (DTBM). Once the book is on your computer as a .zip file it can be unzipped and copied to a digital cartridge or to a flash drive.

    For questions about BARD, or to make an appointment for one-on-one training on how to download from BARD, either for yourself or on behalf of an active WLBPD patron, please call (734) 327-4224.

    You may also watch a BARD tutorial video here.

  • Books in Braille: WLBPD works in conjunction with the Braille and Talking Book Library (BTBL) to provide Braille books to registered patrons.

    Search for available books in the BTBL's Talking Book and Braille Catalog, and place requests online here. A user ID and password are required. Contact (734) 327-4224 to set-up your user ID and password.

    Search for additional titles in the NLS catalog. While searchable, items are not available for request directly from the NLS catalog. To place requests for items found in the NLS catalog, call (734) 327-4224 or email wlbpd.aadl.org.

    The NLS catalog's most recent book titles are available in the Braille Book Review publication. Registered WLBPD patrons automatically receive Braille Book Review in the mail every other month.

  • Described Videos: WLBPD houses an on-site collection of Described Videos (comedy, drama, action, mystery, children, and more). Described Videos are movies in which the visual elements are described - the action, characters, locations, costumes, and sets - without interfering with the movie's dialogue or sound effects.

    For a list of all Described Videos held by WLBPD in DVD format click here. To request Described Videos, please contact WLBPD.

    Check-out Period for Described Videos from the WLBPD Collection: 60 days. No fines are assessed for overdue Described Videos.

  • Magazines: To request magazines, print, fill out, and return the Magazine Application Form to WLBPD or call us at (734) 327-4224. The magazines listed on this form are available to patrons and institutions registered for service through WLBPD or through any library in the National Library Service network. Please allow 6-8 weeks before your magazine subscription begins.

The library staff at WLBPD is pleased to select reading materials for Library patrons who do not want to select their own books or who are unable to visit the Library. Selections are made based on the patron's reading interests (obtained by phone, email, an in-person visit, or from the application form).

WLBPD Equipment

  • Digital Talking Book Machine (DTBM): The digital-talking book machine is used to play audiobooks stored on USB flash-drive cartridges. The DTBM is able to play digital-talking books (DBs) structured in ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2002, DAISY 2.02, or CEA-2003 formats. The DTBM can play audio files stored as AMR-WB+, MPEG I/Layer 3 (MP3), and RIFF WAV formats, either as part of a talking book or as stand-alone audio files. The player is equipped with a battery which will provide approximately 29 hours of play time.

    There are two types of digital machines - standard and advanced. The standard model includes the following controls: power, play/stop, volume up/down, tone up/down, speed up/down, fast forward, rewind, and sleep.

    The advanced model is exactly the same size but has an additional set of controls. The advanced controls are for setting and retrieving bookmarks and for navigating through the structured levels of a book.

    DTBM "Bookshelf" Audio Instructions
    Are you downloading books from BARD and want to load more than one book onto a cartridge or flash drive (also called a thumb drive)? If so, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the navigational feature referred to as "Bookshelf".

    The Bookshelf feature allows you to move around from one book to another when you load more than one book onto a cartridge or a flash drive.

    First, you'll need to make sure your digital machine is upgraded with the latest firmware, version 2.1.6 (July 20, 2010). Visit: www.loc.gov/nls/DTBM and follow the instructions to upgrade your equipment.

    Second, log into the BARD site and download the books you wish to read. Next, insert the cartridge or flash drive into the USB port on the right side of your digital machine. To access the Bookshelf, hold down the Play key until the machine announces "Bookshelf," the number of books on your media, and the current book number selected. To move to another book, tap the Forward and Rewind keys on the standard machine and the Next and Previous keys on the advanced machine. When the machine announces the desired book or magazine that you want to read, press Play to start reading.

    Further instructions on how to operate the DTBM can be found here.

  • Headphones: Lightweight Headphones are available upon request.

  • USB Adapters: If the flash/thumb drive sticking out is getting in the way, or if inserting or keeping a USB drive in the USB port on the side of a digital machine is difficult, Assistive Technology Port Adapters are available at no charge through the WLBPD@AADL. The adapters allow you to insert the USB drive at a right angle and make the USB drive flush with the side of the machine.

  • Blank Digital Cartridges: Blank digital cartridges are available for patrons to purchase for $8.00 at all AADL branches. Titles available on BARD can be downloaded onto the cartridges, which are larger and often easier to handle and label than a USB drive. Because the USB port on the cartridge is surrounded by the plastic that comprises the cartridge, it requires a USB-to-USB cable to connect it to a computer. These cables are also available for purchase for $5.00.

AADL Items

Materials circulated by AADL that are not provided by the NLS require an AADL card. AADL Circulation policies, including potential fines, apply. Please contact any AADL service desk to request these and any other AADL materials:

  • Large Print Books-by-Mail: AADL circulates over 3,500 titles in Large Print in all areas of fiction and non-fiction. All WLBPD patrons are also eligible to receive Large Print Books-by-Mail sent to them from the AADL collection. To receive this service, an AADL library account is required. Click here for more information about the WLBPD Large Print Books-by-Mail service.

    Check our catalog to search for specific books or view all of our Large Print titles. You can also browse the Large Print titles specifically for children and teens.

    Check-out Period for Large Print Books from AADL's Collection: 4 weeks

  • Audiobooks: AADL owns audiobooks in both Book on CD (BOCD) and Book on Cassette (BOC) format. Browse our full collections of Books on CD and Books on Cassette, or take a look at the BOCD and BOC collections for children or BOCD and BOC collections for teens.

    Check-out Period for Audiobooks from AADL's Collection: 4 weeks

  • Described Video DVDs: With an Ann Arbor District Library card, you may also check out any DVD from the general AADL collection, including Described Videos in DVD format. A list of those titles may be found here.

    Check-out Period for DVDs from AADL's Collection: 1 week

  • Ebooks/Eaudio/Evideo: AADL participates in a consortium with other Michigan libraries to offer ebooks, eaudio, and evideo to our patrons. To learn more about these collections, take a look at our information page.

  • As a service to low-vision Youth and Adult book clubs:

    • WLBPD staff will place requests for digital copies of the selected book for all book club members.

    • WLBPD has Book Clubs to Go Guides, which include the following resources available in digital audio format, that you may either download or request on a thumb drive; and/or large print format, which you may either download or request as a hardcopy: summary information and reviews of the title(s); author biography; a list of suggested discussion questions and read-alikes; tips for book groups; and evaluation forms so you can let us know what you think of the service.

    • Click here for a list of Adult Book Club Guides currently available in accessible formats.

    • Click here for a list of Youth Book Club Guides currently available in accessible formats.

    • Low-vision book clubs are not restricted to selecting only from the over 150 titles available through BCTG. If at least six weeks notice is provided, and enough resources are available, large print and recorded versions of the resource folder can be developed for other titles on-demand.

Other Items

If you qualify for WLBPD service, you are also eligible for all of the following free services! Verification of membership with a NLS library such as WLBPD is required. In order for us to verify your library membership with any of these services, you are required to sign a WLBPD Release of Information Form. Click here to download a release form, or call (734) 327-4224 to have one mailed to you.

See the descriptions below for links to the application for each of these services.

  • Braille & Talking Books for Students: For answers to frequently asked questions about Braille, talking books, and other resources for students with disabilities in Michigan, check out Braille & Talking Books for Students: A Primer for Schools & Parents.

  • Learning Ally (Formerly "Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic┬«") works with leading publishers and technology innovators to bring accessible materials to individuals with visual and learning disabilities. There is an annual membership fee to participate in this service.

    Available in every grade level and most subjects, Learning Ally's textbook and literature titles are used nationwide. In addition to the classics, Learning Ally's digital library provides current editions of state adopted texts ensuring students learn from the same versions as their classmates.

    For more information and to apply for service, visit the Learning Ally website, email Custserv@LearningAlly.org, or call (800) 221-4792.

  • Bookshare┬«: offers tens of thousands of digital books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, periodicals, and assistive technology tools for all U.S. students with qualifying disabilities. Students in grades K-12 can receive this service at no charge, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. For all others, there is a one-time set-up fee and an annual membership fee to participate in this service.

    The Bookshare library serves people with disabilities in a new way, providing a collection of downloadable books in digital text formats. Other libraries provide mainly human-narrated audio or hardcopy Braille books. Bookshare books can be used with access technology using synthetic speech, large print, and/or Braille. The Bookshare library is primarily created by its Members. If one member thinks a book is worth scanning, Bookshare will add that book to its collection making that book available to all members.

    For more information and to apply for service, visit the Bookshare website or call (650) 352-0198.

  • NFB Newsline: Thanks to the National Federation of the Blind, eligible individuals can subscribe to the NFB Newsline service which provides audio access to over 250 newspapers and a number of magazines, including some in Spanish. By using a touch-tone phone, content of newspapers and magazines can be heard 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via the use of a toll-free phone number. This site will provide you with the appropriate toll-free number based upon your home telephone number.

    For more information and to apply for NFB Newsline service, visit the NFB Newsline website, email pmaurer@nfb.org, or call (410) 659-9314.

    Michigan newspapers include: the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, the Flint Journal, the Grand Rapids Press, the Lansing State Journal, and the Mining Journal.

    National newspapers include: the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, and USA Today.

  • Bibles: Aurora Ministries provides Old & New Testament Bibles on MP3 CD's, Digital Talking Book Cartridges, or through their Online Download Library to sight-impaired and print-handicapped persons. Blank digital cartridges are available for patrons to purchase for $8.00 at all AADL branches & can be mailed to Aurora Ministries as Free Matter for the Blind. Bibles do not have to be returned. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

    For more information, and to apply to receive materials, visit the Aurora Ministries website, email Bibles@auroraministries.org, or call (941) 748-3031.

  • Radio Reading Services: There are two radio reading services in southeast Michigan that provide news and information at no charge to individuals who cannot read regular print. Both services provide special transmitters for the use of their subscribers.

    WKAR Radio Talking Book in East Lansing
    Email: mail@wkar.org | Phone: (517) 432-9527

    Detroit Radio Information Service (DRIS) in Detroit
    Phone: (313) 577-4207